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What Is A Pca Enzyme Peel, And How Long Does It Take To Work?

You've probably heard about PCA Enzyme Peel, but what do they actually do? Are they like the chemical peels you get at a salon or are they something else entirely? Here's everything you need to know about this revolutionary skin treatment:

What Is A PCA Enzyme Peel?

A PCA enzyme peel is a chemical peel that uses enzymes to remove the outer layer of skin.

It's usually done in combination with other peels, such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

PCA stands for Phenol, Catecholamine, and Alpha-hydroxy acids.


How PCA Works

The PCA Peel works by removing the top layer of skin in order to remove dead skin cells, revealing new, healthy skin cells. This chemical exfoliation process is non-invasive and can be performed in a medical or doctor's office. The PCA peel has been proven effective on all skin types, but it may not be for everyone. For example, if you have sensitive skin or rosacea (a condition that causes redness), you should talk with your dermatologist before undergoing this .

What Happens During A PCA Peel?

  • The skin is cleansed with a mild cleanser.
  • A chemical solution (known as the peel) is applied to the and allowed to stay on for a few minutes (usually between 5 and 20). This can be done in one of two ways: by applying it directly to your skin or by applying it with cotton pads that are then draped over your face.
  • The solution is rinsed off, followed by gentle patting with a towel or gauze pad soaked in plain water.
  • Skin care products like moisturizers are used to soothe any irritation caused by the peel solution.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

There's no way to know exactly how long it will take for your skin to show results. The effectiveness depends on a number of factors. One thing's for sure: you won't see immediate results when you do your first peel. The effects are cumulative and may not be visible until after several weeks or even months. It's also important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle in order for your body to function properly. It will effectively reduce excess pigmentation caused by sun damage, scarring, aging, or other issues that cause dark spots on the face. Maintaining good habits like eating lots of fruits and vegetables is crucial if you want those pesky freckles or gone forever (or at least minimized).

All PCA Peels work with your body's chemistry to produce younger, healthier-looking skin.

A PCA Peel can be used to treat acne scars, fine lines and , hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores.

PCA Peels work with your body's chemistry to produce younger, healthier-looking skin. PCA Peels are safe and effective for all skin types.



If you are considering a PCA peel, the best way to find out if it's right for you is by asking an expert. An expert will be able to answer any questions you have about what this treatment could do for your skin. How long it would take before the results are visible? An expert can also tell you whether or not there are alternative treatments available that might be better suited for your specific needs.

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