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Pampering and Relaxation in Tampa: Massages Tampa

If you're looking to be pampered and relaxed, Tampa has just what you're looking for. Rejuvenate your body and mind with a at Skin by Kindra, where we offer a variety of massage services. We have different techniques so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Stop by today!

Deep Tissue massage Tampa

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is a very intense type of massage that can be used to treat chronic pain. It is not recommended for those who are pregnant or have a serious medical condition.


Relaxation massage Tampa

uses gentle strokes to relax the body and mind. It can help relieve stress and improve sleep in individuals who have trouble sleeping.

A relaxation massage is a great option if you want to feel more relaxed. This doesn't need deep tissue work or firm pressure. This technique utilizes circular movements and long strokes on the back, neck, arms, and legs in order to create a sense of calmness as it improves circulation throughout the body.


Pressure Point

Pressure point massage is a type of massage that focuses on the pressure points in your body. The of pressure point massage include:

  • Releasing tension and pain
  • Feeling relaxed, grounded, and energized
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

Pressure points are located throughout the body. Usually, you can find them in areas where there's more than one muscle group attached. Some example pressure points include the back of your head, between your eyes; along your jawline; between each finger; in between each toe (this one may not be for everyone).



You may have heard of aromatherapy, the practice of inhaling the scents of essential oils for health, wellness, and relaxation. The use of these oils dates back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Sumer. Today, aromatherapy is still used in many cultures including Africa, India, and China for its therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy can be used to reduce stress and anxiety; improve mood; promote healthy sleep; boost energy levels; decrease muscle tension; improve circulation (which helps with cellulite); ease depression symptoms such as sadness or hopelessness; balance hormones which improve libido in women (and possibly men) by increasing estrogen production that increases sexual pleasure during intercourse; treat headaches due to sinus congestion or migraines because it relaxes muscles around the sinuses helping them drain properly so you don't get headaches anymore!

Many other ailments can also be treated using this option including acne reduction by improving circulation which promotes healthy skin cell regeneration thereby eliminating blackheads and zits altogether! Acne scars left behind after the initial breakout will fade over time once all those nasty little pimples go away thanks to our natural remedies being applied directly onto your face every day after washing off makeup when done so gently too – no rubbing hard enough here folks just gently patting dry then apply the product evenly across forehead cheeks nose chin lips neck shoulders arms chest back legs ankles feet toes hands wrists fingers knuckles toes nails cuticles around ears ankles again heels again toes again…


Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage is a massage technique that uses smooth, heated basalt stones to help relax muscles, ease tension and melt away stress. The heat from the stones helps to relax the muscles, improve circulation and increase the natural healing process.

The Hot Stone Massage begins with a gentle Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to release tension in your back, neck, and shoulders. Once this step is complete your therapist will then add warm basalt stones to specific areas of your body for increased benefits including:

  • Reducing muscle spasms/pain relief from injury or chronic pain syndromes by applying deep pressure into tight muscular areas (aka Trigger Point Therapy)
  • Increasing blood flow & oxygenation which encourages healthy cell function while soothing achy joints
  • Improving flexibility by releasing trigger points in stubborn areas of tension


Four-handed massage, or four-handed massage therapy, is a great way for two therapists to work on one person at the same time. It's also known as couples' massage or group massage. The benefits of a four-handed massage are numerous: it can help you relax and unwind after a stressful day; it can be done in pairs or groups, and you may find that you're less self-conscious when receiving a massage in front of someone else (such as your partner).

Massage Tampa has experienced therapists who offer this service. Contact us today if you're interested in getting your next relaxation session started!


If you feel stressed and need some relief, a massage will be the perfect way to unwind. There are many types of massages available in Tampa, so we can make sure that you get exactly what you need. If you have been wanting to try out hot stone massage for example, now is your chance!

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